Choose in Stock Quality Certified Olive Oil & Fast Hassle Free Delivery

  • Vertically integrated with distribution centers around the continent

    Our logistics are optimized to our customer’s needs. We can ship olive oil from one of our North American distribution centers or direct from our mills to save on freight costs. Buy bag in a box, pails, drums, totes, flexi’s or full containers.

    We are partners with producers of specialty oils that manufacture their products under the same food safety certifications and quality management standards that we have.

    Our expertise in supply chain management and logistics allows us to deliver olive oil and specialty oils efficiently using our parent company CHO America’s quality and service standards.

  • Large reliable production capacity

    We are the largest olive oil milling operation in the south of the Mediterranean (Tunisia). We are the worlds largest producer of organic extra virgin olive oil. We ship all grades of bulk olive oil and specialty oils to over 10,000+ customers in North America.

    • Refining capacity: 150 Mt – 320,000 lb/day
    • Olive pomace extraction capacity: 3,000 mT of crude oil/year.
    • Conventional extra virgin extraction capacity:
      300 mT/day – 640,000 lb/day
    • Organic extra virgin olive oil extraction capacity:
      100 mT/day – 220,000 lb/day
    • Olive oil storage capacity: 12,000 mT – 25 million lb
    • Export – 35,000 mT of olive oil/year

Service & Logistics Experts

Support when you need it:  in your time zone, and all day long you will find an English speaking, devoted and knowledgeable account manager to take care of every demand, request, update or compliment you might have.

Meet your urgent needs:  we provide smaller quantities of product from our regional warehouses while waiting for your vessel to arrive from the Mediterranean. Samples can sent overnight.

Hassle-free international delivery:  our team provides weekly updates on shipment and market conditions. No international letters of credit or all related fees and hassles – we take care of all of those details.


Bulk by CHO is an olive oil producer with distribution centers located in the
United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

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