The same expertise and principles developed over many years of growing our olives, guide us in our date oases in Tunisia. As owners of date oases in the deserts of southern Tunisia, we manage and oversee all aspects of growing, picking, and certifying our Deglet Noor dates. Our Deglet Noor dates are offered in both conventional and organic varieties, as well as paste, syrup, and powder.

Deglet Noor dates have been cultivated for many centuries in Tunisia. They are the most prestigious of dates with their translucency revealing their core and elongated shape. Recognized as rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, and minerals such as calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Deglet Noor also contains Vitamin B-6, niacin, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin.

Farming Techniques
Our farmers follow extensive farming techniques including watering the palm trees and weeding the oasis. They take many precautions, such as covering all bushes of dates with mosquito net bags to protect from pests, prior to the rainy season to ensure a top quality Deglet Noor date crop.

Once harvest begins, extensive collaboration between our QA Department and the farmers ensures that dates are hand-picked according to size, exterior appearance, freshness, and moisture level. The dates are then placed through an intensive inspection, sorting, and analyses after cold storage, to ensure only the highest quality Deglet Noor dates are offered to you.

Harvest and Processing
After being harvested, the Deglet Noor dates undergo further intensive testing, inspection, and analysis as they are individually hand pitted. Our QA and production team selects only the highest quality grade B Deglet Noor dates to package. Dates are then selected to be processed into powder, syrup, and paste. Throughout the entire process, our QA team is continually picking dates to be analyzed in our fully equipped laboratory and pass all certifications, with sample lots retained for future analysis and audits.