Traceability at CHO America

Traceability of olive oil aims to enforce consumer confidence across market transparency.  Procedure PRO-EXP-07 ensures transparency and the traceability of all products that CHO America puts on the market.

Traceability is the ability to follow a food through all stages of production, processing and distribution.  The system, a set of interrelated or interacting elements, is a planned, sustainable structured course of action.  It also includes documentation, procedure description, control/monitoring, corrective action and site planning.

CHO follows the regulatory requirements of Tunisian, European and international standards.

Lot identification:  At the olive oil reception, the quality of olive oil is controlled by analysis.  Based on the analysis results and predefined specification, batch numbers are assigned to the olive oils and stored separately in identified stainless steel tanks.

Lot code:  Each bulk finished product item is defined by a three-digit code showing the lot number to which this product belongs (XXX) and by the indication of the production year (AA).  The batch number of the finished product will therefore be represented in the form LAA-XXX formed of five-digits which will follow a well-defined numerical sequence.  The three-digit code is composed of lot numbers from the olive oil, the packaging, and the filtration flour and the plates used for the filtration operation.

The management of traceability documents at CHO concerns:

  • management of receipt documents for olive oils
  • management of inventory records, packaging and batches of finished products

Receipt sheets are recorded systematically at each reception.  These documents are stored systematically in archive boxes or on a computer database.

The traceability procedure is reviewed at least once a year during the document review and at each significant change.  This procedure is also tested at least once a year during internal audits.  The test consists of performing an ascending verification (identifying the quantities of raw materials used from a batch of finished product) and descending verification (identifying the batches of finished products made from a raw material) of conformity of the application of the traceability procedure at CHO.  This test covers the entire range of products concerned.

The traceability data is saved by CHO’s quality control manager and the traceability manager in folders and archived in a dedicated room.  The validity and the archiving during of the data is 36 months.

We will be announcing additional traceability measures in the near future.  In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any questions.