CHO and Sustainability

As farmers, we are committed to protecting our land and environment. CHO’s plan begins with the ISO 14001 certification that establishes an integrated Environmental Management System.

Our preservation of natural resources begins in the orchards. Our farmers care for the land and trees without the use of pesticides and spraying of chemicals. The 320 days of sunshine and dry climate naturally reduces insects, so there is no need for pesticides. This practice eliminates runoff that pollutes the watersheds in Tunisia.

Most of our orchards are harvested manually to safely remove the olives from the tree and gives the songbirds time to fly away. Our mechanical harvest is completed during the day allowing the songbirds a chance to move, instead of being blinded by lights from the machinery.

CHO is converting desert land into lush olive tree plantations near a natural aquifer. 1 million trees are already producing fruit and we’re planting 100,000 new olive trees every year. This video shows the transformation ( CHO’s agricultural and milling investment in this region of Tunisia has created jobs for locals.

CHO is a waste-free company. Water from the production process is recycled. After the olives are pressed, the pulp that remains is used for animal feed, fire logs and soap. Our vertical and horizontal business model allows for this production of by-products to be completed on-site, reducing air pollution from transportation.

Our sustainability plan continues to progress as new science and technology is available. Olive orchards have been in our families for years. Our commitment is strong so that we can continue to pass healthy orchards to future generations.