Deglet Noor dates now available.

Did you know that Bulk By CHO offers Deglet Noor dates?  Yes, it is true.  Not only do we provide premium hand-picked olive oil, but we also offer both premium conventional and organic Deglet Noor dates, date powder, dates syrup, and dates paste to our food and industrial customers.

The same expertise and principles we have developed over many years growing our olives, guide us in our date oases in Tunisia.  As owners of date oases, we can manage and oversee all aspects of growing, picking, and certifying our dates. 

Our Deglet Noor dates are handpicked according to size, exterior appearance, freshness, and moisture level.  They pass a rigorous inspection process to ensure only the finest Deglet Noor dates are processed after harvesting.  The dates undergo further intensive testing, inspection, and analysis as they are individually hand pitted.  Our QA and production team selects only the highest quality grade B Deglet Noor dates to package.  Dates are then selected to be processed into powder, syrup and paste.  Throughout the entire process, our QA team is continually picking dates to be analyzed in our fully equipped laboratory and pass all certifications.

Find out today, with one phone call, how we can help you with your date needs.