Costco Business Centers Chose Bulk by CHO to Supply Bulk Olive Oil

The Costco Business Centers in the US and Canada service chefs and food manufacturers. Costco provides them with restaurant-grade, bulk food ingredients including olive oils.

Costco chose Bulk by CHO as the sole partner to supply bulk extra virgin olive oil and bulk pure olive oil. They chose us because of our extensive quality control program and proven record of supplying high quality olive oils.

Costco’s strategy is to always provide their members with products of the highest quality and the best value. Costco understands the importance of partnering with a producer that controls the quality of their production and the ability to meet their supply chain needs.

Near a Costco Business Center entrance, you’ll find bright yellow barrels of extra virgin olive oil from Bulk by CHO.
The extra virgin olive oil drums were chosen by BNN as one of the “10 Unique Finds” in their 4/3/17 issue.

We also sell bulk pure olive oil in a 20-liter bag in a box at Costco Business Centers. These two products from us are the only bulk olive oils chosen by Costco.

There are approximately 20 Costco Business Center locations in the US and Canada. Visit or for to find a location near you.