CHO Inaugurates New Mill: El Faleh

At this year’s Harvest season, CHO proudly announced their newest Mill ‘El Faleh’ which means ‘The Farmer’. The name says it all. It is dedicated to those hardworking farmers who grow, care for & handpick our organic olive trees for generations! We inaugurated the facility in Tunisia where we grow these trees naturally under the Mediterranean sun.

As you will see in the video, our trees are spaced out to allow the roots to grow deep in search of water. Our orchards depend on rainfall. The sunny days these trees enjoy most of the year, mean they are grown pesticide-free. Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is all-natural with no chemicals!

The newest, most advanced mill facility will allow us to produce more high-quality olive oil with the latest technologies. With this expansion, we can meet the growing demand for olive oil in the different sectors be it retail or industrial manufacturing companies.

El Faleh mill can process 600 tons of olives daily. The olives preparation machinery includes olive leaves separators, washers, and grinders that operate at impressive hourly capacities.

With two trituration lines or two extraction phases, our new mill can process 50 MT of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil a day. Each of these trituration lines includes up-to-date mixers, separators, decanters, & storage tanks to preserve the fresh olive oil.

We, at BULK by CHO, are confident that this new mill will expand our production capacity of olive oil to meet the different needs of food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturers.

We’re always on top of the latest harvest updates, market trends for olive oil production, and demand. We provide expert advice to help you hedge against risks that may be undesired in this fast-changing industry – including our supply chain predictions.

Our bulk olive oil packaging solutions cater to the different manufacturers’ scales. Our packaging includes Drums, Totes, Flexi-tanks, & tanker trunks.

We also offer bag-in-box packaging for food services. A sector that is also witnessing an increased demand for olive oil in their food operations.