Tunisian Olive Oil Cultivation – 95% of Olive Groves Are Pesticide Free

Tunisia is the biggest producer and exporter of olive oil outside the European Union. The country looks back on one of the longest traditions of pesticide free olive cultivation, dating back to the 8th century BC. The Tunisian olive oil market has been shaped by flourishing trade with the East, Europe, and Africa. Their diversity of olive varieties is correspondingly rich.  Tunisia grows over 20 different olive varieties. Among the most significant varieties are the Chemlali and the Chetoui olives. We are proud that we are the worlds largest producer of organic extra virgin olive oil, and that our farms are located in Tunisia.

Follow the link to an interesting article about how 95% of Tunisia olives are still grown in orchards without the use of pesticides. We as Tunisian farmers grow our olives without the use of pesticides. As farmers, we take pride on the quality products and services that we provide to our customers.  http://bit.ly/2D8P6Ac

Bulk by CHO - Olive Orchard rows


Posted by Cynthia Ruffino