Are you ready for a flexi tank?

Advantages of buying oils in flexi tank.

Flexi-Tanks and tankers are both used for the transportation of bulk oils. Depending on the origin of the product and the cargo’s destination, one can be more beneficial than the other.

A flexibag is a sealed, collapsible bladder that when it is filled it fits inside a standard 20-foot shipping container, making it a flexitank. They are mainly used for international shipping of food grade liquids.

Flexitanks can hold up to 43,000 lbs of extra virgin olive oil and are one-time-use only. Even though you will need a new Flexitank for each shipment they can still offer greater economic and environmental advantages. Flexitanks are cost effective as you will not pay any fee to clean them up and you will only need to pay one-way freight. In addition, most international shipments are most likely to be shipped directly from the manufacturing facility, avoiding any domestic storage cost and extra transportation cost. Flexitanks are the largest container size, so you are not paying for additional packaging – also making it safer for the environment.

To discharge a Flexitank you will need an attachable suction pump, a valve, and a hose to transfer the oil to your storage tanks, totes, or drums. Cargo loss is greatly reduced as the liquid is easy to drain from one vessel to the next.

To prevent the extra virgin olive oil from freezing during the winter months, heat pads can be laid under the to the flexibag. Oils like any other liquid can freeze when exposed to low temperatures. Another option to prevent freezing is switching to drums or totes.

If you are currently using tanker vessels for shipments, we advise exploring the opportunity of shipping through flexitanks as it can be a relatively low-cost option and can help you optimize your shipping cost as you can choose transportation by road, railway, or sea.

We will be happy to guide you and provide all the necessary information to switch to Flexitanks.