All grades of olive oil & specialty oils for food, cosmetic and supplement manufacturing.

Certified olive oil for food, cosmetic and export needs

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CHO's farmers till, prune and harvest. CHO's millers crush, analyze and taste. CHO's logistics export, import and deliver bulk olive oil direct from our orchards to your door.

Optimum efficiency with full control over quality, and social and environmental impact.


COSTCO's ONLY bulk olive oil supplier

Costco's commitment to bringing the best quality at the best value made the reputable retailer the largest in the market and the most trusted brand in the industry.

When Costco opened its business centers, they chose to buy direct from a producer that controls the whole production process, has the highest quality in the industry, and a proven record of efficiency and consistent quality.

Bulk by CHO is the only bulk olive oil supplier for Costco's chefs, as well as their industrial and business members.

CHO's yellow barrels of extra virgin olive oil were a hit at Costco's new business center openings.


We Invest in Quality

We believe that by pioneering quality control in our industry, partnering with local universities and the best third-party laboratories in the world, we elevate our industry, protect our farmers' hard work and build a better future for our children.

Our impact on the environment and the social well-being of our farmers is an integral part of the quality of the oil we produce.


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We are farmers, millers, refiners, service providers & quality assurers

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